MSD - Musculoskeletal Defence

Musculoskeletal Defence is the most potent source of known nutrients to support total joint health.

Frequently asked questions

1 x slightly heaped enclosed scoop to supply the weight of 45g of Musculoskeletal Defence.

Yes, it compliments Flowers Gold and is able to be combined with any of our other feed supplements. 

NOTE: Flowers Gold is our recommended complete daily mineral and vitamin supplement.  All our other Feed Supplements are considered ‘add ons’ as deemed necessary for specific circumstances.

A 1kg bag will last 22 days
A 2kg bag will last 44 days

Based on 1 x horse weighing 400kg – 900kg

Add MSD to almost any hard feed (pellets, grains, lupins, copra, beetpulp and chaff etc). Flowers Gold as a daily balanced mineral and vitamin supplement is perfect.

Yes, in fact the additional nutrients will be very beneficial.

2kg bag will last 18 days

4kg bag will last 36 days

12kg bucket will last 109 days

20kg bucket will last 181 days

*feed one horse over 200kg

We do NOT fill our supplements with sugar, colours or flavours (like most others). These can cause behavioural problems.  We also deliver each mineral in its co-dependent ratios to ensure absolute bio availability (organic & chelated where possible), to meet daily dietary needs and not exceed to any dangerous limits.  Excesses can also cause neurological issues.

Add Flowers Gold to any of these hard feeds (pellets, grains, lupins, copra, beetpulp and chaff).  Please be aware NOT to feed additional feed supplements high in Zinc, Copper & Selenium – other than any other Wattlelane Stables supplement that are engineered to be fed safely alongside FG.

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MSD 45 grams