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The Change Maker in Equine Nutrition

Keeping it Organic

Superior quality minerals and vitamins delivered in the most bio-available forms Chelated and organic minerals where possible

Each nutrient is co-dependently balanced to its counter part

Sugar Free - our Guarantee

NO sugars or hidden fillers - the very tiny filler required is Zeolite (Silica)

NO artificial colours or flavours

Our products demonstrate the smallest variables make the biggest differences

We operate in a state of fluid innovation ensuring a bias for better health - our guarantee to you!

Science Not Fads

​Each blend is based on years of global research (NRC and many more) from multiple significant clinical trials that testify to the same outcomes consistently.

We DO NOT support social media fads that hold little or no scientific evidence.

All Wattlelane Stables superior feed supplements are Australian made and owned. They are manufactured in APVMA, FIAAA, HACCP Feedsafe industry accredited facilities upholding our extremely high standards.

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About Wattlelane Stables

Wattlelane Stables is an Australian owned and operated business based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in QLD.


Our mission is to create a range of vitamins and minerals to ensure optimal health and well being for our beloved pets.


We have developed a range of superior feed supplements for horses and dogs based on many years of scientific research, recommendations of The National Research Council plus soil and pasture testing to ensure our blends are specific to Australian conditions.


Of interest the creation of the products offered by Wattlelane Stables was by Epidemiologists with over 10 years of intense studies followed by national clinical trials prior to the launch of each feed supplement.  


We strive to form positive relationships with our clients, providing you with products manufactured to the highest standards, that you can trust.

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