Flowers Gold

Flowers Gold the superior daily vitamin and mineral supplement for horses

Flower’s Gold is an all in one daily vitamin and mineral feed supplement.


Flower’s Gold contains absolutely no hidden sugars or fillers and NO added iron.


Flower’s Gold uses the most premium vitamins and minerals in the most bio available forms. Chelated and organic minerals are used where possible. Each nutrient is correctly balanced to it’s co dependent counterpart for optimum utilization and in adequate levels for total health and well-being.


The nutrients in Flower’s Gold are supplied in adequate levels to


  • maintain integrity and healthy condition of skin, coat & hooves
  • maintain normal growth processes including health of bones & cartilage development
  • have a role in maintaining normal healthy joints
  • maintain normal nervous system function
  • amino acids for protein synthesis
  • regulation of glucose metabolism
  • plus antioxidants


Flower’s Gold is a safe choice for all horses


Horses at leisure – Performance horses – Breeding Mares & Stallions – Foals & growing horses


Make the change and see the difference!

Frequently asked questions

Flowers Gold is designed to be the core daily minerals and vitamin supplement recommended for all horses.  All our other feed supplements are designed to be fed safely and effectively alongside Flowers Gold and each other.

We recommend adding Flowers Gold to the following base feeds (non heating – low in sugar feed and low gI) a mix of copra, cracked lupins, beet-pulp and lucerne chaff – soaked in adequate water to fully expand the likes of beet-pulp and copra.  There is no need to feed additional premixes as they likely contain some overlapping nutrients that may throw the careful daily balanced ratios out of Flowers Gold’s balanced codependent ratios.

Ad-lib quality lucerne hay and coconut & cod liver oil can be added also.

No extra added salt is necessary, but we do strongly recommend a Himalayan rock salt left in the paddock with 24 hour access.

Adding extra alternative branded minerals can throw off the right balance delivered in Flowers Gold, rendering the uptake less effective.

For a horse over 200kg, feed 2x flat scoops (enclosed 60ml scoops)

Foals and ponies under 200kg feed 1 flat scoop daily.

Please use dose rate images/recommendations as a guide only. We recommend weighing all minerals as once packed minerals can settle more densely in the packaging. This ensures correct dosage requirements and no wastage.  

Yes!  Each supplement has been engineered to be safely combined with Flowers Gold (vitamins and minerals for horses) and each other.  So yes ALL of our Feed Supplements are organic and chelated (when available) safe to be fed alongside each other.

Yes, and also highly recommended to be fed to mares during their gestation.  You can feed  upto 165g (3 flat scoops) during the last trimester and 3 months post partum/lactating.  Also safe for foals and breeding, working horses.

2kg bag will last 18 days

4kg bag will last 36 days

12kg bucket will last 109 days

20kg bucket will last 181 days

*feed one horse over 200kg

We do NOT fill our supplements with sugar, colours or flavours (like most others). These can cause behavioural problems.  We also deliver each mineral in its co-dependent ratios to ensure absolute bio availability (organic & chelated where possible), to meet daily dietary needs and not exceed to any dangerous limits.  Excesses can also cause neurological issues.

Add Flowers Gold to any of these hard feeds (pellets, grains, lupins, copra, beetpulp and chaff).  Please be aware NOT to feed additional feed supplements high in Zinc, Copper & Selenium – other than any other Wattlelane Stables supplement that are engineered to be fed safely alongside FG.

As recommended by The Nude Horse

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