Hair In A Bucket


Hair in a Bucket is formulated with a specific range of nutrients to promote rapid, healthy & strong hair & hoof growth. Hair in a Bucket is ideal for horses requiring nutritional support for healthy,strong hair & hoof growth including growing out hoof injuries or hood disease. Great for show preparation too.

Frequently asked questions

Horses 100kg to 200kg   25g/30ml

Horses 200kg to 900kg   50g/60ml

Horses 900kg & over   65g/70ml

Dogs     8g/1 flat tsp

A guide: Fill enclosed scoop to approximately 60ml to supply 50g in weight.  The 8g for dogs is approx 1 flat tsp.

 Yes, it compliments Flowers Gold and is able to be combined with any of our other feed supplements. 

NOTE: Flowers Gold is our recommended complete daily mineral and vitamin supplement.  All our other Feed Supplements are considered ‘add ons’ as deemed necessary for specific circumstances.

Yes, in fact the additional nutrients will be very beneficial.  Also safe for young foals to nibble.

A 2kg bag will last 40 days.

A 3kg bag will last 60 days.

10kg Bucket will last 200 days.

* Based on one horse.

No!   Hair In A Bucket supports healthy hair growth only in a way a horse would naturally grow it subject to season and genetics.

Add HIB to almost any hard feed (pellets, grains, chaff etc). Please be aware not to feed alongside other feed supplements containing high ratios of  Zinc, Copper & Selenium.  Flowers Gold as a daily balanced mineral and vitamin feed supplement is perfect.

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